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Old 07-17-2007, 12:34 AM
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Default Can 1 male mate with 2 females?

Ok heres the story, I used to have 4 budgies, 2 males and 2 females. They all were paired up within each other and everyone was happy. My oldest female was paired up with one of the younger males, while the older male was paired up with the younger female (they each picked their mate) About a month ago, while I was on vacation, I received a message from my dad that he couldn't find one of the budgies (the youngest male) After a few hours of searching for him, we finally concluded that he must of flown away after one of us opened the door.

After a few days we noticed that the older female (the one that lost it's mate) seemed a little depressed as she sat by herself most of the time while the other couple would happily preen each other and play with each other.

So we went out and bought a new male to pair up with the "widow". Fast forward to a month later, and the happy 4some seems to be happy.. But the odd thing is that I've noticed that the older male and older female have been spending alot of time with each other. Now heres the even odder part.. The younger female still seems to be the official "mate" for the older male. Yet it seems as if they are happy sharing him.

There are times where I would catch them fighting and squaking, but for the most part they seem to be happy. Theres times where I would see the older male and older female perched together on a single perch, while preening each other. But for the most part I see the male with the younger female flirting and doing his business.

I'm just wondering if this is possible? I'm afraid that one day I might find the younger female on the bottom of the cage dead because of the older female.

The older female is also in breeding condition as her cere is in a brownish breeding color.

Any suggestions on to how to go on with this matter?

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Old 07-17-2007, 12:37 AM
Bea's Avatar
Veteran Budgie
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Bea is just really niceBea is just really niceBea is just really niceBea is just really niceBea is just really nice

I wouldn't say it's common, and i wouldn't say the females would be happy sharing if a nest box was introduced, but i have got a male who will sit inbetween two lovely ladies and bob from side to side feeding both. I don't think you'll have problems unless you try to add a nest box.
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Old 07-17-2007, 01:33 AM
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I LOVE my babies!!!
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Babyluv12 has a spectacular auraBabyluv12 has a spectacular aura

Mine love to share too and the girls are all great friends with eachother (the boys too). It's really not an issue.


Thanks Bea for the gorgeous sig!
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