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Old 06-13-2017, 07:01 AM
Profile:Ari is offline
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Ari is on a distinguished road

I'm sorry for not updating for such a long time due to personal reasons. I asked my mother to do the routine thing while I was gone, but I cannot be sure how much of it she actually did.. I'm afraid she took a few steps back from 'progress', but hopefully damage can be reversed.

Now, I'm sorry for not reading every link you've sent me-I promise I've read every other, really, I was just so excited about the lettuce thing at the time that I quickly read the reply and all the links I thought were important, and as I wasn't gonna go outside for some time, I didn't think it'd be a must at that point.

I've got 20-25euros right now. Not much, but I could buy some new furniture for the cage.. or maybe even save up for a new cage?(waiting for suggestions on what I should buy)

Again with the tail shivering..I really don't think he's okay..I might just be paranoid for no reason again..Also his tail's feathers seem wrong, I managed to get another video of the tail.. (sorry for my shaking and the loud noises at the start. My cat came in the room (because I didn't comepletely close the door) and I was trying to push him out while still recording..) And sorry for the quality of the video, I don't know what happened with that..
Is this normal?? - YouTube
So a new problem has arrived with my mother's inconsistant covering.. Jack's sleeping routines are all messed up. I constantly hear him making that 'beak grinding' mid day (It's quietly heard in the video aswell), he just seems sleepy.. and he looks to be comepletely awake at night, quietly making noise at 1am.. (I have summer school, alright? I had to study than.. (Don't tell me that's way too personal aswell.. ;-; )) How can I fix this? I've been home for a few days, but this doesn't seem to get better.
I'm not yet allowed to replace the tv with the cage..-But I was able to put the cage on the drawer next to the one with the tv.. It only has one wall supporting the cage, but at least he's not on the ground..
All the classical music CDs and cassettes are barely an hour long though, so unless I put something else on, it wont last all day..
Oh, and he was not taking a drink, he was eating..But I've never given him a bath seeing as I don't have one and we can't just take him to the sink or something..
I did put a little 'dish' of water on the bottom there, but he really just does not like going down there..
I put some magazines to support the cage so it wouldn't shake so much..Problem solved I guess? But I really need a new cage..
I won't tinker with the ''toys'' for now as I'm afraid i'd break them, but that will take place at some point.. the ladder broke, so that's gone..
Welp, I'll continue doing the things I did before..at least for now..

Last edited by FaeryBee; 06-13-2017 at 09:10 AM. Reason: Removed unnecessary personal details
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Old 06-13-2017, 12:08 PM
Hunterkat's Avatar
Hunterkat (Katherine)
Profile:Hunterkat is offline
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Hunterkat is on a distinguished road

Jack's tail looks to me like he's about to lose one of his longest tail feathers, but the movement seems fine to me. Niko moves his tail that much when he breathes sometimes so I think you're fine. Tail bobbing is much more pronounced from what I've seen.
About the bathing- I haven't had much luck getting Niko to bathe in a dish either. Budgies like to stay up high, so that's why Jack doesn't go down to the bottom of the cage much. You could either try making a little shelf out of untreated wood to put a dish for water on higher in the cage or you could try giving him spray baths. Another option is to try putting wet romaine leaves in the dish instead of just water.
Do you have a radio? It doesn't necessarily have to be classical music playing- any sort of noise will be good for him.
Covering Jack every night at the same time again should get him back on a good schedule. Also, budgies take naps, just because he's sleeping at noon doesn't mean he's necessarily not getting enough sleep.
I think I would probably buy new perches for Jack first, then save up for a new cage, but other more experienced people may have another opinion.

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Old 06-13-2017, 12:27 PM
JRS's Avatar
Baby Budgie
Profile:JRS is offline
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JRS is a glorious beacon of lightJRS is a glorious beacon of lightJRS is a glorious beacon of lightJRS is a glorious beacon of lightJRS is a glorious beacon of lightJRS is a glorious beacon of light

Hi Ari
Don't worry about the steps backward, just keep plodding on as you were and you'll catch up.

From the video, I don't see an obvious tail bob in sync with his breathing, to me, it just looked as though he was anxious, 'it's gone all quiet and she's pointing that camera at me, what's going on here?!' I'm assuming he doesn't have any other symptoms. If in doubt, it's always best to see a vet but I think that would not be a possibility for you right now, so try not to worry.
No, his tail doesn't look right but I think he's just bent a tail feather. Maybe he injured it in a panic fly around the cage - budgies sometimes do this during night frights. Just leave it alone and let it moult out naturally.

Budgies often beak grind during daytime naps, that's fine.
As for his routine, you just need to think your routine through and plan ahead.
Think about the times you wake up (week day & week end). Budgies need a 10-12hr stretch of sleep a night. So, count back 10hrs to find the time that you need to have covered up Jack by. Once Jack is covered up, try to keep the room relatively quiet (i.e. TV only on low, you can still be doing school work). It might take a few days to get back into a routine but you'll get there.

Just keep offering a shallow dish of water every few days or so, he might decide one day to take a look. The wet leaves idea is definitely worth a try.
The radio or TV on low volume, is just as good as CDs/cassettes.

With your euros, I would try to find a natural perch swing, similar to this (though I'd remove the rope).
Then save the rest towards a new cage.

Good luck
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